An Interview With Ms. Coen

Cynthia Cumming

Ela Gonzales, Copy Editor

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I heard you teach seven classes, what classes do you teach?

I teach ​​Photography, Introduction to Engineering and Basic Electricity​

Why do you teach seven classes?

​Typically I teach six classes, however we are short a teacher in our department this year, so everyone in the Technology and Engineering department is teaching 7 classes to ensure that the classes could run this year.​

How did you get into teaching these subjects?

​I taught Technology Education at Roosevelt the first 13 years in the district. 5 years ago, one of the teachers at the high school retired and I was able to move up to the high school. Teaching was actually not my intended career in college (I went through about 3 different things), and only when a position opened up at a private school right before the start of classes did I find myself teaching. Once there, I fell in love and went back for my Masters in Technology Education and the rest is history!

Which class do you enjoy teaching the most?

​Photography is definitely my favorite class, but I enjoy the other two classes as well.​

How long have you been teaching for?

​I taught for 3 years at a private school, and am in my 18th year in West Orange for a total of 21 years.​

What has been the greatest moment of your teaching career so far?

I have had lots of moments that are highlights for me – ranging from participating in the Pie Throw at Roosevelt (where teachers got pied in the face), to field trips at both Roosevelt and the High School as well as the faculty that I work with. I think my greatest moments have all been when students succeed at what they are doing and showing work up to their own potential [sic]. Having students realize that they are capable and can do the work is what makes teaching so special.

What do you do other than teach?

​I serve on the NJ Technology Engineering Educators Association board, as well as my local Board of Education. I love to bake and to read in any free time I have. A lot of my time not in the classroom is with my family – I have three boys and a husband. Between their activities at school and family day trips and activities we keep busy!

​Lastly, is there a message you would like to tell the readers?

​Keep striving to be the best you can be. Reach to your highest potential in what makes you shine – don’t worry about what others are doing, focus on you and doing your best.

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