Screenwriter’s Society

Screenwriters Society

Kenny Corcoran, Athletics Editor

WEST ORANGE, Nj — Screenwriter´s Society is a club which teaches students how to write screenplays.

“The club has been around for about 15 years now. I’ve got a film degree, and I’m a writer, so a student asked me to advise the club all those years ago, and it kept going. Many former members have gone on to film school and to work in the industry, and many current members intend to do the same. The club’s for anyone who’s interested in film or television, but primarily for those interested in creative writing who want an outlet and support as they learn or practice how to write a screenplay,” proclaimed Dr. Bradley, the supervisor of the Screenwriters Society. Dr. Bradley is a big fan of film himself, and wishes to spread his knowledge and love to others.

Members learn to write and pitch loglines, or one sentence descriptions of their screenplay ideas, and then receive feedback from the rest of the club. Each week, we also look at loglines of screenplays currently being sold on the professional market, to learn what works and doesn’t work in a pitch,” explained Bradley when asked about the expectations of club members.

Reviews are also something that are discussed in the club meetings. This can be done for any movie or TV show, with the most important part of the review being NO SPOILERS. Also with reviews, they let club members discuss and share any film or television show they have watched lately, giving some constructive criticism and praise to certain aspects of the film or show. After pitches and reviews it’s movie time.  Club supervisor, Dr. Bradley can be trusted to put on a movie students are sure to enjoy. Whether it is a fun comedy that will makes students laugh, or a thriller that will keep them on their feet, the movie selection is never a disappointment.

Another extremely important part of this club is the screenwriting contest. The contest is usually about once every six weeks and every club member is encouraged to enter their screenplay. Screenplays can be any concept or genre, with a minimum of two pages and a maximum of ten pages. Once all of the screenplays are submitted, there is a table read, in which the screenplays are read out loud and reviewed by the other members. Then, members of the club vote to decide which screenplay was the best.

If you or someone you know would like to enjoy movies and learn how to write for either film or television, come to room 1140 on Thursdays after school and check out the Screenwriter’s Society.