Sabrina Claudio Album Review


Mian Franco, Arts and Politics Editor

Sabrina Claudio has been on a roll this year, releasing both an EP and a full length album. “Confidently Lost” one of my favorite EPs of the year, and the perfect segue into her latest project, “About Time.”

Claudio’s voice is smooth on every track and it flows well with her electro-R&B tone that sounds increasingly better with each song. It’s just in time for what some would refer to as “cuffing season” because songs like “Natural” and “Belong To You” are relaxing and give off “cuddling with your boo” vibes. Claudio is bringing plenty of warmth throughout the impending winter with great songs and her unique style.

Through the way the lyrics are conveyed it is easy to see Claudio is a skilled lyricist and she does an excellent job presenting her message. It almost feels like she is speaking her soul in every verse.

It really is a great album about feelings and love. The songs are fluid and just flow with ease. This is emphasised with her well written lyrics and sultry vocals. Overall, the album is definitely worth lending ears to and she is an artist to watch for sure. She’s giving the music industry authentic organic flavors to calm the mainstream trap-beast and I am definitely here for it.

Grade: A-