Shanelle Chambli, Student Journalist

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WEST ORANGE, Nj — Room 1133 is currently being transformed Into a new Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) room. There are new floors, ready to be waxed, and the ceiling is partially painted with representations of each flight. Once the remodel is complete, cadets will be trained and taught how to operate planes through the use of the airplane simulators. The heads of the Air Force program, Chief Thurston and Major Marchesini are equally ecstatic about the transformation. Students cannot wait to get their hands on the new technology and enter a completely different realm.

The flights are currently involved in a fun competition to donate resources for troops in battle. The room is full of helpful items such as toothbrushes, protein bars, ramen noodles, and other convenient essentials. These resources will soon be shipped to forces to assist soldiers overseas. This is a fun competition that also serves a prodigious cause.  This contest among flights will go towards each flight receiving their guidons. Along with many other challenges, which ever flight gathers the most items will be even closer to receiving their bottom half of the guidon. This month was full of competition and innovation in the AFJROTC classroom, and one can only wonder what is to come.

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