The Price of Education

The Price of Education

Mian Franco, Arts and Politics Editor

WEST ORANGE, Nj — West Orange High School (WOHS) is essentially a daycare. Teenagers don’t listen, the staff is underpaid, and education time is taken up by workshops and meetings.

It’s fabled that graduation is where real life starts, including things like getting a job and paying bills. However, at what cost? Life after high school is expensive and college is just the start.

For future college attendees, student loans can be the scariest thing about adulthood. They’re big, demanding and have to be paid no matter what. Not paying student loans will absolutely destroy credit score, which means it will be harder to obtain new, necessary credit cards. Not to mention there are late fees for missed payments.

In addition to debt and loans, the Federal Government has the power to garnish wages by at least 15%. This means the government takes a certain amount off of each paycheck and sends it directly to the institution that the money is owed to until the debt is paid.

Life is pricy, education is pricier and it’s getting harder to determine whether or not college is even worth it.