Interview with Mrs. Delaney


Rachel Favetta, Student Journalist

Q: If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

If i could go back in time to my own life I would go back to when I was in like 5th grade, my sister knocked my tooth out and it cost a lot of my own personal money. I have a fake tooth, it cost a lot of my own money, to fix and put in and stuff so I’d probably be like 20,000 dollars richer if she hadn’t done that. In general, I’d probably go back to like the late 1800s, I really like the whole like hoop skirt like petticoat kind of look, and women were allowed to be more naturally sized and did not have to be like stick thin, like now a days. So I just think it is a cool time period too, that victorian time period.


Q: What is one thing you love about teaching?

D: You guys!

R: That’s a lie

D: Well most of you guys. No I guess when kids have like, well students, sorry you guys are not kids, have like an aha moments where something clicks finally and they are like really excited  that they finally get what we are talking about. That’s what I really love about teaching. Be able to give students that moment where things click and make sense.


Q: What is a talent you wish you had, and what is a secret talent of yours?

Oh my goodness, I wish I could play an instrument, I can play nothing. Probably like the guitar or the violin. I think it would be really cool  to play the violin. I feel like it’s a skill that if you have it, people respect you more. Some kind of musical talent. I don’t think I have any skills.


Q: Where do you wish you lived?

I don’t know. Definitely another country, especially with what is happening right now. Any country where Trump is not president. I think it would be really cool to live in, maybe like, well spain is doing so poorly right now, umm I don’t know, maybe Italy or Switzerland is gorgeous, it is really expensive to live there, but i guess some place in Europe would be nice. Some place with weather similar to ours, like where we get cold and warm, like a temperate climate. Preferably it would be Spain, but they are going through some government problems right now, so maybe not right now.  Sorry, I have weird answers for your weird questions.


Q: If you had three wishes, without being able to wish for more wishes, what would you wish for?

D: Now is my genie like, a jerk and he is gonna like spin my words to make all of my wishes terrible, or is it like a nice genie, so I don’t have to worry about how I am phrasing all of my wishes?

R: It is whatever Genie you want.

D: Okay. Cause you know like, they always have in the movies the genies that like, skew your words, so we are going to say it is a nice genie. I don’t know, I guess like, fifty million dollars, just enough that you’re like a millionaire and you could probably live off of it for your entire life, but not too much where you’re like a crazy rich person and you have like no sense of the world and you feel like you have to give it all away. That sounds really bad but like yeah, specifically fifty million dollars, which is wish number one (starts to laugh). Wish number two, I don’t know. Everybody always says world peace is like too cliche, but i guess so. I wish there was like a way that we could maybe all come together as a world. Just respect everyone? I wish for respect. Third wish, I wish i could like read minds, or telekinesis. Where I can move stuff with my mind. I think that would be really cool, just to have like a superpower.  Does it have to be realistic?

R: No

D: Okay, cause that is not really realistic, but like yeah. Like Jean Grey from X-men. That would be pretty cool.


Q: Have you ever broken a bone and if so how?

D: Alright so I’ve broken only toes and actually most recently I broke two toes because two teachers that work here who will remain unnamed stomped on my toes at a work event and they broke two of my toes, weeks before I had to go on my honeymoon. Yeah i have broken my second toe probably a good seven times, so it is very easily breakable. It’s basically made of glass.

R: How did you do that?

D:  I don’t know! I just drop stuff all the time. I drop stuff, people step on my feet, I guess I am very small and unnoticeable so people are just like “ah” (her arms flailing). Usually people in heels.


Q: Why did you want to teach?

Originally I wanted to be a doctor, but i realized that blood made me faint, so then I couldn’t do that cause that is probably a big part of being a doctor is seeing blood occasionally. So, then I was thinking of going into accounting but my mom kind of talked me out of that, and I guess people just said I was good at explaining things, I tutored a lot while i was in high school, tutored my sisters friends after school. So i guess just like wanting to help people learn was why i got into teaching. That, and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.


Q: What is a dream you had when you were younger?

I wanted to have a list of goals I wanted to accomplish by 30 and it’s actually kind of sad cause i am going to be thirty soon and I’ve accomplished like ¼ of them, but I guess one of my big goals I’ve had was to travel, and see the world. So like, my mom used to travel a lot before she had me, but then when she had kids she just stopped. I always wanted to make sure that I saw the world. I know a lot of people that, like Ms. Baran, Ms. Ostanski, that have been to like a lot of countries and they’ve seen a lot and I feel like there is a lot of people who just spend their entire lives in their neighborhood or in their state or in their country and they never really experience what there is to learn about other people so i guess my dream is just to go to like, not the countries that everyone goes to, but like to actually see the entire world. I want to go to Russia, Turkey, and see how those people live and what their lives are like. To learn about other cultures.


Q: What is your biggest fear?

Spiders, I hate spiders.That and being asked to sing in front of a group of people which Mr. Champagne recently almost had me do.

R: Can you sing?

D: No, god no i have a horrible singing voice, which is what really added to that.

R: Are you lying I can’t tell?

D: No, it’s like really bad, ask Mr. Champagne. It’s actually like dogs start howling from the distance when I try to hold a note.