An Interview with Mr. Nevins


Kenny Corcoran, Athletics Editor

How long have you been teaching at WOHS?

I have been teaching since September of 1997, so 21 years


What classes do you teach?

I teach Modern World History and US I.  I have taught these two subjects the 8 years I have been at WOHS. In the past I taught 7th grade Social Studies for 12 years and 8th grade Social Studies for 1 year (I was at Edison Middle School for 8 years and Liberty for 5 years).


Of those classes which is your favorite to teach and why?

My favorite subject is US I, I really enjoy the story of early American history and how this country came to be. I also love the story of underdogs and early American history is filled with underdog stories like the American Revolution, the life of Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and so on.


If you could teach any other classes what classes would you want to teach and why?

I would love to teach Modern America Through the Media because I am fascinated by movies, tv and other media and their relationship to history. However, I am nowhere near as qualified as Mr. Bradley to teach it, he does an amazing job.


What is your favorite part of teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is the relationship with my students. Watching young men and women grow and mature and learn is very rewarding. Also, getting to know the students and their interests outside of the classroom. Then seeing them years later as adults with families, and seeing they are happy and successful makes me feel great about my job.


What particular era in history is your favorite to teach?

My favorite era is the Civil War. It is sad but incredibly fascinating.


Did you always think that you would have become a teacher?

No actually I didn’t plan to become a teacher. I dreamt of being a professional soccer player. The other career I thought about was a lawyer.


How did you get into teaching?

While I was at Villanova I had an extra year of eligibility. I was a History major so my counselor suggested I get certified to teach Social Studies. I agreed and took the classes. My last semester I student taught at a school in Philadelphia and absolutely loved it. I had the fortune of playing soccer professionally for two years, but as soon as I was able to find a teaching job I went for it.  That was at Edison Middle School and the rest is history.


If you didn’t become a teacher what career path do you think you would have went down?

I think I would have ended up in law, I really like the planning of cases.


Since you are the boys soccer varsity head coach and  an assistant coach on the girls basketball, how difficult is it to teach and be involved in these sports?

It is really easy to teach and coach. I live in town so I don’t mind getting home late. My wife of almost 20 years, Angie, loves sports and comes to all of my games. My daughter, Natalie, also loves sports and never minded me coaching.  I think teaching helps you be a better coach and coaching helps you be a better teacher.