The Ball Brothers’ Lithuanian Decision


Ismail Taylor-Kamara, Features and Fashion Editor

The Ball family will be saying “Saugios kelionės” from now on, as Liangelo and Lamelo Ball have made the decision to depart for Lithuania to play against overseas competition. The Lithuanian coach, Virginijus Šeškus, who is set to welcome LiAngelo and LaMelo to their new stomping grounds, told ESPN that he expects the brothers to “play a lot” once they get on the court.

Their move comes just after their father, Lavar Ball decided to withdraw them from school. He took his son Liangelo out of UCLA after the stiff punishment he received due to shoplifting in China. He also removed Lamelo out of Chino Hills High School since he believed that schooling isn’t significant since the ultimate goal is to get each child to play for the NBA.

According to Šeškus, “They will play, but how many minutes it depends how they will play in the game,” Seskus continued,”But still they will play, and they will also play in the Lithuanian league.”

As of now, the result of this drastic decision will depend on their playing.