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Twitter Hires Employees to read your Data

Eric Lemus, Technology Editor

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In San Francisco, Project Veritas released undercover footage of Twitter employees and engineers admitting that they have employees to view all the private messages. The messages get saved on their servers which they analyze to create a virtual profile on those people to sell to advertisers later on. Twitter engineer Clay Haynes stated that on January 6, 2018 during a meeting, Twitter hired hundreds of employees to look at the private messages.

Clayton said, “ There’s teams dedicated to it, we’re talking, we’re talking three or four… at least, three or four hundred people… yes they are paid to look at [genital] pics”

Another employee Pranay Singh stated, “ Everything you send is stored on my server… so all your sex messages and you, (sic) like, [genital] pics are on my server now.”

“All of your illegitimate wives and, like, all of the girls you’ve been f***ing around with, they’re are (sic) on my server… I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s going to use it in your divorce.”

“So what happens is like, you like, write something or post something online they never go away… because even after you send them, people are like analyzing them, to see what you are interested in, to see what you are talking about. And they sell that data.”

Software expert Mihai Florea stated, “ To actually charge the advertisers the money we have to prove it was you and that’s why using email address or like a cookie or something that can track you.”

“You’re paying for the right to use our website with your data basically.”

People who don’t even have Twitter accounts have their data stored in their databases. “You leak way more information than you think. Like, we have information from people-like, if you go to Twitter for the first time, we have information on you.”

Haynes expressed his feeling of discomfort by saying, “ It is a creepy big brother. It’s like a level… I don’t want to say it freaks me out, but it disturbs me.”

Afterwards, Haynes was asked if this could leak from Twitter and he responded with “Oh yeah, and it’s a genie out of the bottle kind of thing after that point. You know? Sure, I can fire them. Heck, I could probably even sue them, in some cases. But the genie’s already out of the bottle. Like, how do actually (sic) recoup costs… you can’t calculate the cost of the damage.”

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Twitter Hires Employees to read your Data