End of Winter Fashion Trends


Ismail Taylor-Kamara, Features and Fashion Editor

Spring is fast approaching, the season of shorts, t-shirts, and slides is coming. Here are some must-have items for this Spring.

The Windbreaker

Windbreakers are key for the spring/summer seasons. Windbreakers are designed to resist windchill and light rain making them perfect for any April shower. They are soon to be on almost every retailers’ website. For now one can find windbreakers on Amazon for as low as $15-$100.

Jogger/Sweat Shorts

As spring approaches, it’s only right that shorts should be on your shopping list. If you’re someone, who doesn’t feel like buying denim or cargo shorts for the summer, try something new like jogger shorts. These shorts can be found at Target for as low as $20. This could be worn with everything mentioned in this article besides the jeans.

Light Distressed Denim

No matter the season it is always good to have a pair of jeans to wear. Distressed denim is good to wear because the holes will filter the air and will prevent your legs from sweating too much. If you’re not ready to bear your legs yet, just opt for the one slash, so you can still get in on the trend.

Vans Ski8 HI/Low/Old Skool

Although Vans have been trending as a “hypebeast” shoe for the past year or so, these shoes are reasonably priced and are great for the spring and summer months. Retailing as low as $60 for the sneaker comes in an array of colors and designs. Vans also allows the customer to upload a custom image to add to their own pair of shoes, to personalize them a bit. Vans is also set to release a new collection of the checkerboard style this spring season, so look for price drops and some new kicks.