An Interview With Mr. DeAngelis

Kenny Corcoran, Copy Editor

What classes do you teach?
Chemistry and Physics, but I have taught other classes, like Biology before,
Of those classes which do you prefer to teach?
I like CP Physics the best, because I like the math involved with Physics and also the kids are a little older in that class.
What do you find to be the most interesting topic that you teach and why?
I like the basics and kinematics that deal with cars and motorcycles. I like stuff that relates to kids in high school, since during this time kids are getting their license.
What is your favorite part of teaching?
The interaction with the kids and learning about things outside the classroom. Learning about their families, the hobbies, along with other things.
How long have you been working in education?
I have been working for 20 years in terms of just teaching, but it is just under 30 years if you include my time at the college level coaching, since I still considered myself a teacher then.
Growing up what did you think your career would be?
I thought about being a firefighter like my father since he was a big influence on me. If I didn’t go into education I would have probably gone into something with being a mechanic.
What events in your life lead you to become a teacher?
A professor at rutgers university had a big impact on me, I took his class and I liked it a lot. People said I would be good at teaching. It was a great class and I wanted to coach, which teaching allowed me to do. I wanted to teach, coach, and be part of the community.
How much have you enjoyed the balance of both teaching and being the assistant hockey coach?
I have enjoyed it, seeing the kids outside the classroom. This is really where it is at, what makes the most impact on students.
What do you think your life will be like after teaching?
I will probably always have to have some sort of impact. I hope to do some volunteer work with animals. I can’t be the guy to play golf everyday.