A Simple Favor Review


Justin Peters, Student Journalist

You would think the guy who directed Bridesmaids, The Heat, and the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot wouldn’t be able to pull off a serious/not-so-serious-dark-comedy-thriller. Well, Paul Feig is proving everyone wrong with his new movie, A Simple Favor. A dark, sadistic, sexy, funny thriller with a lot of twists thrown in there. It even can be considered as a movie that will change the dark comedy genre

Enter Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mother with a web-series on mom tips, crafts, and recipes. She is always willing to help out anyway she can, but doesn’t really have any other friends outside of her other parent volunteers (Andrew Rannells, Kelly McCormack, Braganza).  Her young son meets a friend at school and they immediately hit it off. Itching for a playdate, Stephanie meets the mother who will change her life, Emily (Blake Lively). Emily is not like your typical mom, she swears in front of her kids, has a giant naked picture of herself, and her and her husband (Henry Golding) both secretly hate each other. When Emily goes missing, Stephanie urges to find out where she went, each clue she finds makes her vlog grow bigger and bigger. However, the truth isn’t always what it seems. So… what happened to Emily?

Anna Kendrick is flawless in this movie. She is so perfect at playing the awkward, naive mom that it’s astonishingly scary. Blake Lively is also great at playing the not-caring mom and potential sociopath, it’s hard to tell if she’s acting or being herself. Henry Golding is incredible, his suave, cool dad aspect shines like the sun. But the best actor in this movie is Andrew Rannells. Semi-sweet, gossipy, and all-around hilarious. All the actors in this movie are incredible to watch and are the best parts of this movie.

All-in-all, this movie is pretty good, while the plot is a bit mundane and the twists aren’t very jarring, It is still a very enjoyable film.  It is easily Paul Feig’s best movie, through this movie he proved that he can do more dramedies.