WOHS Unity Club

Kahlil Calloway, In Our School/In Our Town Editor

One of the most popular clubs at West Orange High School (WOHS) is the Unity Club.  Run by Dr. Sehr, Unity Club is a unique club that represents a wide array of cultures.

When asked about the purpose of the club, WOHS Senior Jhomary Dominguez stated, “The Unity Club is an after school club in which students come to discuss controversial topics. All opinions are welcomed and everyone has the equal opportunity to share their views as well as just listen if they would like. It is important to the school because we get to bring to light societal issues that affect all of us. It helps students be able to communicate and listen to opinions and respectfully.”

When asked about what she enjoys most about Unity Club, Dominguez replied, “I enjoy the diverse topics to discuss because it is never repetitive since there is always something new to discuss.”

The Unity Club is a great attraction to join and is a large group at the high school. It is a great club for colleges to look at in the application process, and should be considered when looking for clubs to join.