2018 Midterm Elections Outcome

Kenny Corcoran, Copy Editor

The 2018 Midterm Elections was one of the most important elections, with the outcome proving how divided this country is.  This election shows how split the country is both geographically and demographically. The control over the House of Representatives is one of the most important, if not the most important, parts of this election.  The outcome was as expected, as the Democrats took control over the House of Representatives, they dominated all of the house elections.

Democrats gained seats in areas that had incumbent republicans, with a lot of democrats winning office in democratic states such as California. The Democrats now have 227 house Seats in comparison to the 198 seats that the Republicans have.  It could be considered a blue wave for the House of Representatives, since the Democrats won it easily. However the other areas were not a blue wave, as the Republicans maintained their lead in the senate, even gaining some senate seats. The Republicans gained three seats in the senate, as they now have 52 Senators compared to the 46 Democratic governors.  In Terms of the gubernatorial races, a lot of the Republicans did win, however the races were very close, as Republicans won by small margins in certain parts of the country. Republicans now have 26 Governors, along however, areas that tend to be red proved that they still are mainly Republican, as Republicans won easily in red states.

This election shows that the country could get even more divided.  As areas that tend to vote towards one party became even more Democratic or Republicans. The House of Representatives being controlled by the Democrats is also something that could be seen, since it is the opposite party of the president. A lot of the time the House of Representatives will be controlled by the opposite party after the midterms, especially when there is a president who has as low of an approval rating as President Trump has.