West Orange Teen PEP Outreach

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — On numerous dates in October, some WOHS students took part in an outreach hosted by Teen PEP based on waiting to have sex.

The outreach itself was a pleasure for the freshman and some sophomores, especially with it being the very first one for the Teen PEP class of 2019. Teen PEP stands for Teen Prevention Education Program. Throughout the outreach, the audience was very observant and caught on to the information performed in each skit. The funny bits in some of the skits pulled them into what they were learning even more.

Being Teen PEP advisors, it is very important that our message gets around not just to the freshman but to all high school students: Safe sex is the best sex!

Wouldn’t you like to know your partners perspective on how they feel about sex? It makes the relationship build a layer of trust, respect, and loyalty. Along with that, a major aspect of understanding your partner is consent and abstinence. Consent builds trust and helps to understand how or what your partner thinks or is ready to do. Teens should not feel pressured to have sex, nor should they pressure their partner into having sex. A person must need their partner’s consent if they choose to have sex. Abstinence is a 100% effective way of building respect for your partner’s choices and your relationship. If you and or your partner decide to be abstinent, don’t feel disappointed in yourselves, be proud of that decision! You are not alone.

Did You Know?

According to https://www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/sexualbehaviors/:

40% of high schools students have ever had sexual intercourse

7% have been physically forced to have sex when they didn’t want to

46% did not use a condom the last time they had sex

19% were under the influence when they had sex

Sounds like a recipe for STI’s and pregnancy. All of which you can avoid by waiting!


Safe sex can help you also help others around you wanting to rush into it, or just wanting to say they’ve done it. If you think you may know someone who is being pressured to having sex or wants to have sex because they think they need, tell them this message.

There are many reasons why you should wait to have sex. Do not be pressured to have sex or pressure others to have sex. If you decide to have sex, make sure you ask your partner for consent, and be open to talking about sex and your past sexual history with them. This will benefit your relationship as it will give you a new perspective of your partner. Safe sex is the best sex!  

Let’s keep spreading that message to let it be known that this should be the only way it’s done.

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