Green Book Review

Ashton Kittur

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Green Book does what most other biopics don’t. They remember to put the audience first without losing their integrity.  Case in point, Bohemian Rhapsody is a glamorous, completely shallow romp that sacrifices substance for crowd-pleasing, as well as historical inaccuracy.  Green Book manages to be crowd-pleasing while also being heavy. It masterfully jumps over a potentially displeasing subject. Not including two fantastic leads in Mortenson and Ali (who was previously the bodyguard in Skyscraper). Mortenson proves, that as ever, he’s great, and Ali is definitely a rising star.

The movie never cuts corners. Despite minor pacing errors, the movie has a well-developed cast of characters. While the movie focuses on Tony “Lip” we also learn about Dr. Shirley, while also being memorable, while also being funny.

This is a good movie. As someone who generally hates these kinds of movies, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself smiling throughout. The only disappointment of this movie is that it ends. It won’t be a waste of your time.



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