New Girls Lacrosse Team at WOHS

Kenny Corcoran, Copy Editor

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Girls Lacrosse is a new sport at West Orange High School  (WOHS), and it is something that has drawn the attention of many female students at school.  Since this is the inaugural season for girls Lacrosse, there will only be Junior Varsity and Varsity teams.  However, a freshman team will most likely form in the coming years.

Ms. Beal, a physical education teacher at WOHS, has been named the head coach of the team, and she aims to coach the team in her own style. “My approach to coaching this year is to teach this team the fundamentals of the game, creating interest in the sport, building a positive team culture, and growing the game in this school and community. The coaches are very excited to share their love of the game, passion, and most importantly knowledge of the sport with the team.”

The students who are participating in lacrosse are also very excited for the season and what is to come.  When asked about her experience with lacrosse, WOHS sophomore Sarah Cohen stated, “My experience so far has been great, as I am making new friends and learning new skills.  It is much better than what I had expected.” While Girls Lacrosse is a new sport for WOHS, all parties involved still have their own expectations for the upcoming season. “One of my goals is to improve my skills and abilities,” Cohen emphasized.  

The coaches also have their own goals for the season. Coach Beal stated, “My expectations for the team are to focus on improvement.  The girls will need to consistently put in time and stay motivated to keep improving and learning the game. As a first year team, learning the basic fundamentals of the sport is crucial in developing a program,”

The new girls lacrosse team is a monumental moment in the history of West Orange Schools Sports.  Good luck to the program and it is sure to become another great sports team at WOHS. 

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