Meet The Staff: Kaya Schultz


Royson Folas, Athletics and Editorials Editor

What’s your full name?

Kaya Drew Schultz

When and where were you born?

Secaucus New jersey, July 1, 2003

I understand that your mother is the AP bio teacher for WOHS. How does it feel to go to the same school as her?

At first i was really concerned that she would embarrass me especially coming in as a freshman. But over time i learned it can be helpful for example printing stuff out and I always have someone to talk to in the school.

Do you have any siblings?

Yes. I have younger sister named Jaiden in the 7th grade.

Favorite hobby?

Soccer. I try to play as often as I can but during basketball season it is harder to get touches on the ball.

When did you start to become passionate for sports?

At a very young age. I was never into the girly stuff. I would always try to play sports with the boys during recess. I was always really athletic and I wanted to show the boys what it feels like to let a girl beat them.


I’ve always enjoyed writing and writing about sports is really interesting to me

Most difficult hardship you’ve faced in your life?

Oof. I’ve never really experienced a traumatic hardship. But my whole life is always stressful trying to balance school, sports, and a social life.

Personal quote?

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”

Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years?

I hope to be graduated form a good college where i played division 1 soccer and I hope to have a good job that i enjoy.

Biggest weaknesses?

Try not hard to please everyone and end up negatively affecting my own happiness

Any colleges you are interested in?

My parents want me to go to an academically good school because in reality you that’s the most important thing.

Favorite teacher?

Ms.Schultz; I feel obligated to say that lol.

Favorite School subject?

Between English and ss. I am actually garbage at math and chemistry