The Decline of Victoria Beckham’s Clothing Line (And How She Can Save It)

Victoria Bratsos

The Victoria Beckham name means something different to many different people. To some she is merely a former Spice Girl, but to others she is a businesswoman and fashion designer. But lately, the name has been tied to nothing but losses. Launched in 2008, Victoria Beckham’s fashion brand, Limited, has been rapidly declining over the past couple of years. While sales have risen 17%, the brand has an operating loss of $13.2 million. Victoria Beckham’s husband, David, is also pulling his funding out of the company because he wants his wife to save it on her own. Recently, investors who have injected $39 million into the company, so Beckham hopes her losses for next year are significantly less.

For smaller, privately owned luxury brands like Beckham’s, it is very difficult to stand out in such a competitive field. The reality is that consumers aren’t as enticed by brand names anymore. They want value, competitive pricing, and good customer service. One of the best things Beckham can do for her brand right now is to have a long-standing collaboration with a significant pop culture figure. She has had a previous collaboration with Reebok, but it was very exclusive and didn’t garner much attention. Also, she may have to diversify her product line to be more inclusive, so her consumer base can broaden.

Victoria Beckham must learn how to catch up with and capitalize on today’s fashion field, or her brand will continue to fade.