The Newspaper Club


Kenny Corcoran, Copy Editor and Assistant Sports Editor-in-Chief

The Newspaper Club is a very important club at West Orange High School(WOHS), that produces the online newspaper, The Pioneer.  

The Newspaper has two meetings per month, one at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month.  The first meeting is to brainstorm ideas for articles of the month. Anyone is welcome to come to the meetings and to give ideas and offer to write articles as well. There are many different sections of the paper such as politics, news, in our school/ in our town, featured teacher, features, entertainment, editorials, club corner, athletics and arts. For those who are also part of the Newspaper Class it is required that the students write 2 articles per month for the Pioneer. The meeting at the end of the month is a much shorter one, as it is a summary of what articles were done and if people who said they were going to write articles actually did write those articles.

Newspaper is a club but is also a class that is available to take for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. People who are part of the Newspaper Class are automatically part of the Newspaper Club. The only requirement for this class is that Intro to Journalism is taken before students take Newspaper. In the class, students write the articles they are assigned to write, edit articles of the section they are assigned to edit, and also to interact with other classmates on collaborate articles. There are also guest speakers from time to time, most of who are currently in the field of journalism. The Newspaper is a great club and class to be apart of, if you want to join just come to a meeting, all are welcome.