WOHS New Traffic Pattern


Kenny Corcoran, Copy/Sports Editor

West Orange High School (WOHS) and Principal Hayden Moore recently got the new traffic pattern to be approved by the Board of Education.  Mr. Moore made a presentation at the most recent WOBOE meeting about the new traffic pattern he was proposing. The issue of traffic pattern at WOHS has been a problem for years and is something that has built up over the years.  Teachers have complained, considering it makes the parking lot they park in so much more dangerous. Something needed to be done, and Mr. Moore credits others for the change and not just himself.

“The Student Liaisons to the Board of Education were very concerned about this issue, and they joined me in the pursuit to do something.  When students and administrations work together things move a lot quicker,” stated Mr. Moore. Other factors also were to credit for this idea as the deans contributed by helping with what would be reasonable and the security guards also joined in and helped.

Over the past few years the parking lot has not been for students and staff to walk through.  This new traffic pattern is meant to make drop off more efficient and also safer at the same time. “Safety is our number one concern, safety for students and faculty are insync as safety for both are a priority,” Mr.Moore reassured.  With the new traffic pattern in full swing, parents will be off campus, which would reduce the traffic and as a result will make it a lot easier for pedestrians to walk.

This new pattern will also help the school security because it will optimize the ability to monitor who enters the campus.  Previously, it would be easier than it should be to enter the buildings since everyone rushes into the buildings, and anyone can really make their way within the crowd.  The new traffic pattern improves the chances of communicating that someone is on campus before entering the buildings, as they would have to get by someone like a teacher or security before they enter the buildings.

This traffic pattern will begin on April 22nd after students return from Spring Break since the weather will be a lot better around then.  There will be trial and error, and there may be some problems with it at first, but what is important is that these issues be resolved in order to make the traffic pattern better.  It may not be perfect at first, but eventually it will be just part of the normal routine and it will make life easier for everyone and a lot safer for everyone as well.

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