Royal Family on High Alert After Cyberbullying of Meghan Markle

Ziyanna Amanuel, Student Journalist

The royal family of Britain is currently tightening up its social media operation in the midst of a rise in racist online bullying targeting the Duchess of Sussex just months after announcing her pregnancy.

The staff of the Kensington Palace are doing all they possible can to shut down and deactivate Twitter and Instagram accounts that contempt Meghan Markle. They are even going as far as blocking the use of the n-word and emojis that portray guns and knives.

The royal family sent out a set of explicit guidelines recently for those who were taking part of the gruesome comments about the Duchess.

Founded in 2004, the advocacy group, Hope Not Hate took it upon themselves to analyze over 5,000 tweets that consisted of the popular anti-Megan hashtags. After their thorough analysis of the tweets posted with a time of roughly six weeks, they discovered that most of the bullying is done by a few accounts.  Roughly twenty accounts were responsible for nearly ¾ of the tweets. Considering that such a small amount of individuals created such a large number of the tweets implies that these accounts were created for the sole purpose of trolling the Duchess, claims Hope Not Hate.