Tornado Strikes in Alabama, As People Try and Fight Back

Tornado Strikes in Alabama, As People Try and Fight Back

Samantha Nunez, Student Journalist

Beauregard, Alabama – On March 3rd, a murderous tornado destroyed the streets of Alabama. This was considered one of the deadliest U.S. tornadoes in 6 years, as it killed 23 people.

Houses were smashed into other houses. Wrecked cars abandoned on the side of the streets. Roots from trees were ripped off. Trash was littered all over the streets. Before and after pictures were posted on CNN and the damage was evident. What was once an area full of large, luscious trees and a small community of houses, had become a pile of trash and torn tree stumps.

Many people were searching for their family members like 35 year old, Krystal Stenson-Garrett. Unfortunately, her mother, father, uncle and her only brother were killed out of the 23 total victims. Other people were left with their homes completely destroyed like James and Stephanie Taunton. They told CNN that they were “shook so hard that they can see daylight in between their roof and wall.”

“It was like an earthquake. The walls were moving back and forth”, says Euel Partridge, a local resident. Many seeked for shelter right away, others did not make it in time. ¨Death toll might have been higher if more residents were at home¨, says Coroner Bill Harris.

Krystal Stenson-Garrett and other families in Alabama mourned and prepared themselves for the hardest days of their lives. Residents in the community are coming together and everyone is receiving the help they need. Shelter, food and medication is available to everyone.