Meet the Staff: Allan Agesilas


Kahlil Calloway, In Our School and In Our Town Editor

How tall  are you?

I’m 5’8

What is favorite sport?

It used to be soccer but basketball kept growing on me

Favorite genre of music?

I like all type of music but the type of music I listen to most is probably rap

Favorite food?

Kind of hard to say but mine is probably fries

Favorite video game?

I’m more of a sports type of guy never really liked shooting games that much but mine is Fifa

Favorite song right now?

Opera by D.Savage

Moment in your life that you wish you had back?

Nothing I could think of right now.

Favorite musical artist?

Overall is probably lil yachty cause I like his message , and vibes and I like his music even though he gets a lot of hate