Forensics for You


Kaya Schultz, News and Politics Editor

Ever wanted to become an investigator like Nancy Drew and solve crimes? Were you ever inspired by the wisdom and intelligence of Sherlock Holmes? Well, now you can become introduced to the field in the forensics science class recently added at West Orange High School.

This course examines the application of a broad spectrum of sciences and technologies in order to investigate events that take place after the fact and to establish what occurred based on collected evidence. Forensics are used in the real world everyday to to solve crimes, uncover mysteries, and convict suspects of crimes. Students will be able to learn about some of the strategies used to accomplish such things like the science of ballistics, DNA banding, chemical signatures, post mortem biology and other techniques.

When talking to a senior currently taking the course she said, “We learn about serial killers and the different branches of forensics. It’s very interesting and it’s cool to see how these people think. We went to the Liberty Science Center for the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. Recently we dissected owl pellets to learn about bones.”

The class is only a half year course, making it 2.5 credits. It is offered in grades 11 and 12 because the prerequisites to take the class consist of biology and chemistry. This course does not meet the science requirement for graduation.