Meet the Staff: Kiley Capstraw


Natalie Nevins

Q: What is your name? 

A: Kiley Patricia Capstraw.

Q: What sparked your interest in journalism and newspaper? 

A: My father.

Q: What position have you taken on here at the Pioneer?

A: I am the social media coordinator and I am also in charge of the In Our School/ In Our Town section of the Pioneer.

Q: Do you have any siblings, if so how old are they? 

A: Yes, I have one older brother named Ross who is 18 years old and is a senior at West Orange High School. 

Q: What are you interested in pursuing as a future career?

A: I want to play basketball overseas and then become a pediatrician. 

Q: What interests/ hobbies are you passionate about?

A: I play basketball, but I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, eating and listening to music.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher at West Orange High School?

A: My favorite teacher at West Orange High School is Mr. Drabik.

Q: Who are your favorite music artists right now? Favorite song?

A: My favorite music artists right now are Drake, Chris Brown, and Billie Eilish. My favorite song right now is UCLA by RL Grime.

Q: What’s your biggest fear in life? 

A: My biggest fear in life is throw up. 

Q: If you won the lottery, what would you do with all the money?

A: I would first probably buy myself a car even though I can’t drive yet. Then, I would build a rec center in West Orange and would donate the rest of it to those in need.