WOHS Art Club Joins the Garden Aglow Pumpkin Exhibition

The WOHS Art Club participated in the Gardens Aglow Pumpkin Sculpture Exhibition event at Presby Gardens in Montclair on October 26.

Tyra Hughes, Editor in Chief

Just in time for Halloween, students apart of the Art club lead by Ms. Pfingst and Ms. Krulik carved and decorated their own pumpkins to enter into the Gardens Aglow Pumpkin Sculpture Exhibition in Montclair on Saturday, October 26 at 6 pm. Students spent time on Thursday prior to the event to carve out their pumpkins into intricate designs which all focused on the idea of climate change. On Saturday night, they watched their creations come to life as it was illuminated by the candlelight at the exibition. Check out the photos above see their creations at the event!