Welcome To The Leaking Era of Music


Ismail Taylor-Kamara, Sports Editor in Chief

Have you ever heard a snippet of a song by your favorite artists and wished the song would be released? Well in 2019, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep music secure due to increased uses of technology. 

Earlier in the year Playboi Carti’s hit single, “Pissy Pamper/Kid Cudi” ft. Young Nudy leaked on Spotify and Apple Music by small time rapper, Lil Kambo. This same leak would go on to make No.1 on Spotify’s US Viral 50 chart. This is all due to Carti’s fans thirsting for new music, only causing his fans to leak his music.  According to Genius.com, about 66% of the songs he released were leaks, leaving 33% as official releases. Clearly, Carti hasn’t been able to meet the desires for new music of his fans. 

Lil Uzi Vert found himself in the same situation. His long awaited album, Eternal Atake has been prolonged due to leaks. In 2019, “That’s a rack” and “Sanguine Paradise” leaked, and then were officially released days later. It’s getting to the point where fans are so thirsty for music, they will take it from the artist. Leaks ruin marketing plans and the potential economic gain from a track. 

For some leaks, can be so bad that they prohibit the recovery of artists. After the leaking of Jai Paul’s album, he went under the radar for 5 years. He later released his project in early 2018. 

Leaking has become a major flaw to the age of technology. Will there be any new safety precautions taken to secure the music of artists? Who knows.