Latin Mega Bash 2019: Review


Lauren Bulanhagui, Student Journalist

 On November 29, 2019, a Latin Mega Bash was held at Prudential Center as it captured the Latin culture through performances from reggaeton to salsa.  With a great number of 15 acts that night, there were many memorable and controversial moments. These acts consisted of artists like Bulin 47, Chimbala, Secreto, Becky G, Sech, Dalex and Luis Fonsi. Later in the night artists like Ivy Queen, Prince Royce, Lunay, Ozuna, Farruko, Jhay Cortez, Victor Manuelle, and Alex Sensation. However, only a few were the most topical which are listed.

Becky G is a fairly young artist but this did not stop her from being at the top of her game. As she appeared on stage, she started to sing the song “MALA SANTA”, which is also the name of her latest album. Her rendition of the song consisted of unique, coordinated choreography, admirable production, and her spectacular singing. Out of all the artists, she interacted with the audience the most and seemed to be enjoying herself as she sang her most famous songs known as “DOLLAR”, “Sin Pijama”, and “Mayores”.

The “Despacito” singer, Luis Fonsi, had a stellar introduction with a heartfelt video depicting aspects of his life that made him who he is. It was a great transition into his song ‘Imposible’ featuring Ozuna. This song was a great way to open up his set. He then moved on to his hit song “Despacito” which was a worldwide sensation. He sang to perfection and seemed to almost be dancing and getting involved with the backup dancers.

Ivy Queen proved to be the powerhouse of the concert. Ivy Queen is the first female artist to break out in reggaeton The graphics in the background of the set were very creative and recognized the importance of women. The production of her set was not overdone and she put in a lot of effort to perform at her best. Her performance stood out since she was the second female artist to perform in the entire concert, next to Becky G and the fact that she has a very unique voice. She interacted with the crowd by making a lot of jokes and fondly talking to the crowd. 

Prince Royce is a well-known artist within the Latin American community. His performance and the venue seemed to promote his tour in 2020 before and throughout his set. During one of his songs, Royce got off the stage and proceeded to walk on the floor of the venue to interact with fans. His attempt, however, was brought to a halt by fans in the front who were so excited that they ended up preventing him from reaching the people in the back. It was disappointing that the fans in the front would not allow Prince Royce to reach other fans. Through his efforts, Prince Royce showed his desire to interact with his fans, get involved by dancing, and make sure that everyone was enjoying themselves. 

Lunay was the youngest artist that performed seeing that he is merely 19 years old. Lunay started his set with the song “A Solas”, a collaboration with Lyanno. Lunay moved onto to a song off of his debut album titled “Epico” called “Aventura”. The beginning of the performance was incredible when he sang the pre-chorus acapella. As the song went on, the backup singer proceeded to harmonize with Lunay on the chorus which, in the backup singer’s part, was unnecessary. He closed his set with his hit song “Soltera”. The song choices appealed to the crowd and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. 

Apart from the great selection of artists, the organization of this concert was quite disconcerting. This is understandable because there were a lot of acts performing, leaving a lot of room for errors. Cameras that were filming the concert had technical issues which, most likely, disrupted people’s view of the concert. Also, between certain performances, several people were smoking marijuana which was a poor inspection in security. In a concert environment, this was completely inappropriate especially since there were many teenagers that were present. However, each artist did a tremendous job of getting themselves involved with the crowd and everyone seemed to be having a great time. There as a great selection in the artists that performed as they were all greatly diverse and appealed to everyone.