Swim Team Preview

The girls swim team last year after winning the Super Essex Conference championship.

The girls swim team last year after winning the Super Essex Conference championship.

Kiley Capstraw, In Our School/ In Our Town Editor

Interview With Coach Navata

The West Orange Swim Team looks to make a statement this year after months of preparation. The team is lead by Coach Navata, who was able to give the WOHS Pioneer some insight of their upcoming season. 

Q: What are the goals for the season? And how do you plan on achieving these goals?

A: My goals for every season are for the swimmers to come into every practice with a winning attitude, for them to be ready and willing to work hard in the pool, and for the team as a whole to be a great support system for each other. I plan on achieving those goals by laying out expectations that I have for each member of the team on a daily basis, having the upperclassmen set the standard, as far as work ethic in practice, and keeping the atmosphere positive.

Q: Who are swimmers that we should keep an eye out for?

A: On the girl’s side, seniors Mellany Smith and Simone Byun, and junior Kelsey Roberson are swimmers to look out for. On the boy’s side, seniors Brett Zeligson and Christian Gilio-Malabre, and junior David Pedo. 

Q: Who is your biggest competition? In the state, county, etc. 

A: The closet competition in the conference this year might be West Essex and Glen Ridge.

Q: What benefits do you think swimming gives high school students?

A: Swimming is a great overall body workout. You have to be well in tune with your body in order to be an efficient swimmer. It tests your strength, as well as your performance in the pool. Swimming also helps students when it comes to the classroom because they learn time management skills, as well as knowing how to prioritize academics and athletics. 

Q: When coaching your swimmers, what strategies do you use?

A: When it comes to coaching high school athletes, it is important to remember that they all come from different levels of experience. I make sure to emphasize that every swimmer can make an impact on the team, no matter if they are a novice swimmer or a year-round club swimmer.