Fine Line Album Review


Devin Wilkes and Malia Rutherford

You know the feeling when you know you are going to love something before you even experience it? That’s how we feel about Harry Styles’ latest album, Fine Line

Styles made his official musical comeback with the release of “Lights Up”, his psychedelic lead single that dropped on October 11. He then followed up with two more catchy tunes; the summery and pop-influenced “Watermelon Sugar” along with “Adore You”, which flaunts a funky and modern bassline. On December 13, Styles provided the exact record he promised: an album about treating people with kindness, and “having sex and feeling sad”. 

Fine Line begins with “Golden”, the compelling and dreamlike opening track that sets the stage for the rest of the album. Another vibrant point includes “Sunflower, Vol. 6”, one of the several tracks built around his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and model Camille Rowe. Though it falls under the “sad” category of the album, it is one of the more singable and cheerful-sounding songs. “Treat People With Kindness” is a gospel-like song that revolves around the slogan used on Styles’ merchandise since his tour in 2017. Styles’ sixth track is “Falling”, the tear-jerking ballad that allows the listener to sink with him down to the pits of his agony following the highs of the first few tracks. 

Overall, Fine Line is the right step in Styles’ fantastical musical journey.