Girls Volleyball Team Outstanding 2019 Season

Samantha Nunez, In Our School / In Our Town Editor

West Orange, NJ – The West Orange High School Girls Volleyball team has done a remarkable job this fall season.

The Girls Volleyball team consists of three coaches, head coach Jacquline Cruz, Junior Varsity coach Gina Graziosa, and the Freshman coach, Caniece Williams. The girls have already won their third liberty division title and won the first round of the Essex County Tournament.

The Varsity team includes Onye Bosco, Tracey llderis, Lindsay Levine, Ogechi Nwobu, Naia Peterson, Kayla Sanchez, Gabrielle Uribe, Lucy Edwards, Francesca Vallejo, Jahaira Santisteban, and Kourtney Adams. They have got a score of 19-6 this season. The Freshman and JV team have also had outstanding this season.

The freshman team has improved a lot over this season as they learned how to serve and pass the right way.

“I think that the most important thing is making sure that they have fun, that it’s not an intense environment all the time, and point out what there doing right much more what there doing wrong because they have a tendency to always focus on the negative instead of the positive,” says Coach Williams.

During the off season, the girls are encouraged to join clubs or join clinics if possible to strengthen their skills for the next upcoming season.

The season started late August and ended early November.