Voyage Into Space


Kaya Schultz, Editor in Chief

Ever dreamt of working for NASA? Ever wondered how rocket ships were built or how galaxies were formed? If so, Voyage into Space is the perfect class for you.

Voyage into Space is offered here in the high school for all grades, 9-12. It is one of the most fascinating electives available and will earn you 2.5 credits. Students learn about a variety of topics related to space and how engineering and technology work to explore the world beyond us. Students will also take a look at the history of space exploration and the future of space missions and what there is still left to discover. There is so much content that even a full year course couldn’t cover it all, but voyage into space gives you a strong foundation and expands your knowledge on the broad topic.

The curriculum bulletin suggests that those students interested in potential careers in aerospace engineering, spacecraft engineering, astrophysics, rocket science, STEM Education, and computer programming should take the class.