BHM: Taking off with Bessie Coleman


Samantha Nunez, News and Politics Editor

Bessie Coleman was one of the first African Americans to get a pilot license. After hearing stories about pilots flying in World War l, she instantly wanted to be a pilot. During the late 1910’s, female pilots were rare to see, African American pilots did not exist, so consequently, racism/sexism were some of the things Coleman faced when trying to achieve her dream. She was on the headlines of newspapers once she was discovered by Robert Abbott, a black newsman, who encouraged her to get her pilot’s license despite the hatred she would get. During the 1920’s, she became successful at air shows, where she performed tricks.

I believe that Bessie Coleman deserves to be in the spotlight because she inspired other African Americans to fly in the sky and go for their dreams. She has already influenced many others out in the world to achieve what they want to do in life.