Play Unify


Natalie Nevins, Feature Editor

Here at West Orange High School we offer some of the best interactive programs, many that people are unaware of. One hidden gem in particular, known as Play Unify, takes place during the second half of lunch on B days.

Run by coaches and teachers here at West Orange High School, Nicole Fleck and Doug Nevins, Play Unify partners with the special education program at our school to give equal opportunity to all students of all grades. The program allows regular students and special education students to come together in the gymnasium to play a multitude of different sports. Currently, the students are all playing basketball, but as the year goes on, the program will cover an array of sports at the students request. 

Fleck and Nevins do an impressive job of keeping all of the students active and ensure that everyone is having a wonderful time playing. Whether it is different skill drills, shooting, or small scrimmages, the students adore the program and look forward to coming downstairs every week. 

Any student is free to come down and play during lunch, as new friendly faces are always wanted and welcomed to join the program, so come down and play today!