Coronavirus and the Growing Anti-Chinese Sentiment in America

Chinatown Restaurants in Manhattan.

Chinatown Restaurants in Manhattan.

Ismail Taylor-Kamara, sports editor-in-chief


According to CNBC, “New York City has steered clear so far: The seven people suspected of having COVID-19 in the area tested negative for the virus, city health officials said Wednesday”. Mass Hysteria over the virus continues despite there only being 14 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the US, and two cases in the northeast. As a result, small business owners in Chinatown are complaining of loss in customers:

“Business owners are telling us revenues are down 40% in Chinatown” says Gregg Bishop, commissioner of the Department of Small Business Services.

At Arizona State, (home of 1 of 5 confirmed cases) student’s can’t even cough without the whole class glaring at them: “I cough in class and everybody looks at me,” A freshman said. “I’m paranoid of coughing.” 

The World Health Organization, which has declared the virus a global health emergency, said there’s been more than 150 Coronavirus cases in about two dozen countries outside of China.

It’s clear that the American prejudice towards Asian Americans has grown due to the spread of the Coronavirus. This is quite unfortunate, as America is supposed to be a welcoming and warming country. This prejudice towards Chinese-Americans will only increase as the Coronavirus continues to spread from Coast to Coast.