Dr. Cascone Moves Spring Break to Next Week in Preparation for Online School


courtesy of woschools


Tyra Hughes, Editor in Chief

In a recent update, Dr. Cascone has announced that Spring Break will occur next week in order to have proper time to prepare E- Learning and a way to provide meals and special education services to students.

Prior to this decision he marveled how our community will be prepared for online school that provides “thorough, effective instruction to all students” by Tuesday, March 17?

Dr. Cascone quickly said, “It would be disingenuous of me to say that we are prepared to do that.”

Though the district has been working hard to address any concerns regarding the transition to E Learning, they have now established an “extensive and interactive” E Learning platform that all teachers are currently being taught how to use.

Other issues that thousands of free and reduced meal families were concerned about were meals, which many students depend on school provided breakfast and lunch for. Dr. Cascone assured that the district has planned out a initial plan to provide food services to these students in need, but it is not yet fully completed.

As of right how, the question of how many families are without steady access to meals and Internet access is still up in the air. Accordingly, to proceed with E-Learning by Tuesday is not a feasible option.

Bottom line, the district needs more time to properly find out how they will provide services to students who receive free and reduced meals, students with special educations services.

After receiving full support from the BOE, Dr. Cascone has officially moved our Spring Break to begin next week for 11 days. This will provide ample time to close and quarantine all schools for 11 days and for the Central office to ensure smooth transition into E Learning in the case that we will need it.

If you have already had travel plans for the April, which was when our Spring was originally planned, the district will be understanding and accommodate those absences in relation to “attendance record and makeup work”.

Dr. Cascone plans to meet with the West Orange Township to address these common concerns.

“I do believe that this decision is in the best interest of our community… While School districts around the state are struggling trying to implement these plans with with expedience, we will have the opportunity to focus on ourselves at a time when we need to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible”

Dr. Cascone assured a concerned community that the district will, “continue to work here around the clock to make sure that we’re doing all that we can from the educational side of things.”