Top 7 Things We Should Leave in 2020


Royson Folas, Managing Editor

I think we all walked into 2020 in dire need of a new, fresh start. A new decade meant big things and we were all excited about these new changes. Well after three months, I have one question: What the heck was that? The death of Kobe Bryant, rumors of World War III, Australia burning, and now this COVID-19 outbreak. It’s only April but it’s safe to say that 2020 is a year to forget. Here are the top 7 things we should leave behind in 2021.

7. Crocs

Ok seriously. Who’s idea was it to wear sandals with holes in them out in the public? These foam shoes have risen in popularity since its creation in 2002 and have to go down as some of the most foolish things you could possibly put on your feet. And now people are putting stickers on them?! These Jibbitz are not itz.

6. The SAT

Do you know what the SAT stands for? Stupid Annoying Test. Maybe it’s because I’m a junior and I’ve spent the last year or so doing it, but I really hate this test. The point of the SAT isn’t even to test your intelligence. Half the answer choices are meant to trick you and the other half are the same answer. Well, I’m having none of it. Hopefully, upcoming juniors and sophomores no longer have to suffer because of this test from hell.

5. Not Reading the Pioneer

Do you want to know what’s going on in and around our town? How about one on one interviews with your favorite teachers and staff? Oh and what about the highlighting of success within our school and community. Well, look no further than the Pioneer Newspaper! You can find all these things and more on our website and our new app, Student News Source. If one more person says, “Oh, we have a newspaper?”, my head might just explode. Check out some student-written articles at

4. Tiktok 

In 2017, the app TikTok was launched. In 2018, everyone made fun of how stupid it was. In 2019, these 20-second videos began to squirm their way into Instagram and Twitter. Now in 2020, almost everyone has this app and it has spiraled out of control. I wonder if people actually see how silly they look doing the Renegade challenge and proceed to call themselves dancers. In 10 years, when you look back at yourself punching your head to the song “Say So,” you’ll cringe until your insides eat each other up. The clock is Tiking for this app to be deleted.

3. Sneaker Discrimination

So recently I found out there’s this thing about the Air Force sneakers. People with white Air Forces are considered cool and in tune with the trends. While people with black Air Forces are dirty, backstabbing thieves. I don’t know if anyone sees a problem with this, but I do: shoe racism. Why can’t all the colors of shoes live in harmony? Stop judging people based on the color of their shoes!

2. Donald Trump

I don’t think anyone could have predicted the multi-billionaire, reality TV show host we know as Donald Trump becoming our president. His lack of professionalism, sexual allegations, and small hands were a turn off for many Americans. But somehow he was able to defeat Hilary Clinton and claim the presidency to our disbelief. His daily, inappropriate tweets and inability to tell the truth when it doesn’t benefit him makes him unfit to lead this nation. Hopefully, this fall either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden can trump Trump.

1. High Fiving/Daps

I don’t think I’ll ever high five someone again. By 2021, the anticipation is that the coronavirus situation will be handled. But if we’ve learned anything, it should be how easy it is to catch someone else’s germs. 


And there you have it. The top 7 list of things that should be left in 2020. Of course, most of these were just jokes, but if we want to have a more productive year, next year than we’re going to have to see some changes.