How to Survive Quarantine: Teenage Edition

How to Survive Quarantine: Teenage Edition

Kiley Capstraw, In our school/In our town editor

Hey, my name is Kiley Capstraw, one of the many teenagers “stuck” in my house in attempts to practice social distancing and fight against COVID-19. 

Although this is a dull and dark time for the world, just know that there are ways to stay positive, while preventing the spread of this disease. There is a very good chance that you learned something about yourself that you never knew. In my case, I had no clue that I “lowkey” had an artistic side. All my life, I thought that I was horrific at any type of art. But after hours of looking for a kit that I received for Christmas years ago, I found that painting was a type of therapy that tests your mental patience and capacity. 

Here are some things that you can do during Quarantine to keep yourself busy:

  • Try out a new hobby. Change is good for the mind and the body, like me, you might find that you have a hidden talent.
  • Read an old book. You always hear people tell you “Well back in my day I had to read…” Let’s see what the hype is about!
  • Cook a meal! Help your parents out, they have long days just like you!
  • Go for a walk! Fresh air is good for the soul and your mental health. Show your body that you do in fact, care for it!
  • Do an online workout! Yes, working out may not be your “thing”, but, you might have just found your new “thing”. 
  • Binge watch a new show! Dive into a new topic that you never thought that you would be interested in!
  • Practice self care! A nice bath, face mask, wash your hair, or pluck your eyebrows! 
  • Take a nap! Everyone needs a little rest in their life. After a nice long day, relax your eyes!

Stay safe and healthy!