MTV has faith in Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio

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MTV has faith in Tory Lanez's Quarantine Radio

Ismail Taylor-Kamara

Amid his current success with his Instagram lives, dubbed the name Quarantine Radio Tory Lanez has attracted the interest of MTV. In an interview with Billboard, Tory Lanez said “ MTV Offered me something like a little 30-minute segment, bUt I don’t know what I want to do ”. He continued “ But I want it to be something that the fans decide. If I end up coming up with an idea for it, hopefully, it’ll be on MTV.” 

On his Instagram Lives, he’s hosted an array of guests from Drake, Chris Brown, to Lizzo and others. He has even added a segment of the show where he adds viewers and they showcase their talents for a cash prize. On one specific show, a young man by the name of Miles performed a cover of Dirty Diana By Michael Jackson, capturing the attention of Timbaland, Tyga, and Lanez himself. It’s clear that Lanez has used the quarantine radio platform to paint an optimistic picture despite the health crisis, society is currently in.