Memories Last A Lifetime: Yearbook 2020

Tynia Thomassie

Tyra Hughes, Co Editor in Chief

Attention all class of 2020 Seniors, the full Senior year experience may have been cut short due to the COVID-19 outbreak and school closures, but the Yearbook Staff have worked hard to create a yearbook with memories that will last a life time. If you still haven’t ordered your yearbook yet because you feel discouraged that it might not capture the true essence of your Senior year, your teachers and fellow Yearbook staff are here to remind you in this short video that you won’t regret buying it.

Here are some key points of the video that you should keep in mind if you have not ordered a yearbook yet :

  1. If you are hesitant to order the yearbook because of the cost ($110), feel free to add it to your Adopt a Senior WishList. A book with more than 100 pages that the staff have spent countless hours creating will be worth buying in the long run!
  2. The deadline date to purchase the yearbook online is May 31st
  3. The yearbook will cover events like: Senior Fun Day, Spirit Week, Homecoming, Fall and Winter Sports, the beginning of Spring Sports season, and special Quarantine pages!
  4. There is no other yearbook like the 2020 yearbook! You can hold on this yearbook forever, as reminder of this year
  5. There will not be a yearbook signing this school year, but the Yearbooks staff do hope to host a 6 ft apart year book signing party that does comply with social distancing guidelines

To order your yearbook, go to and enter the code 4479.