Capping It All Off

Natalie Nevins, Features Editor

ATTENTION SENIORS! If these past weeks of uncertainty have taken a serious toll on your mental health and emotional well-being, I have just the solution for you! Although it may be hard right now after learning that we will not be returning for the duration of our senior year, there are still ways to brighten up this period of darkness, and make this end of the year feel as normal as possible! Let’s cap off our high school years with a bang, and decorate our caps to our own personal interests! 

As a senior class we all received our Graduation cap and gowns fairly recently, and although some of us may look at this as a painful reminder that the likelihood of our ceremony is unknown, I am here today to inform you of the good the cap and gown can do. Personalizing graduation caps has been an ongoing tradition for high school seniors around the country, and forces us to reflect on our experiences throughout our four years, and what we want to symbolize or represent them. Throughout this somber time in our country, I have found positivity and strength through the little things and nods to my time in high school, with decorating my cap being one of them. Not only is this a hands-on activity that takes your mind off the reality of our senior year, but the end result is so satisfying to see, and provides you with a sense of fulfillment and hope in a time of sadness and doubt. 

Show off your spunk and let your personality shine through on your caps! It may be challenging at first, but the more involved you become, the less power you will feel has been stripped away from you, and the more in control of your life you will feel again. I know this has been an incredibly sad and depressing time in our lives, but we are in control of the attitude and outlook we have towards it! The more normal you feel the better off you’ll be, and allowing yourself to fully emerge into this project creatively takes your mind off of some heavier concepts for a little bit. I know what we are experiencing as a class right now is something we never even imagined of occurring before, but as long as we stick together, remain positive, and continue to be hopeful that this is all happening for a reason, we can get through this as one. From one disappointed senior to another disappointed senior, we got this! This is our year, so let’s CAP it all off in the right way!!