How is Virtual School Going for West Orange High School?


Samantha Nunez, In Our Town / In Our School Editor

It’s been a month since West Orange High School students have gone back to school. This time, it’s virtual. District officials on all West Orange social media accounts announced in late August that virtual school would take place starting Sept. 14.

Students are using Zoom to interact with their teachers rather than through Google Meets, since Zoom has more options. Some of those in school have used Zoom before but this is the first time for the majority. However, many students were able to see the friends they haven’t seen since the last time they were at school and to meet their new teachers.

Many students reported in a feedback questionnaire that their screens were glitching, that they couldn’t hear teachers, that they were having technical difficulties, and more. Even teachers were having a hard time trying to work with Zoom.

When asked about schooling, one student said virtual school is beneficial. “To me,” they explained, “virtual school is a better way for me to do better in my classes and not get distracted by anything as I would in physical school.”

Another student gave their honest opinion on how they felt.

“I hate [virtual schooling], it consumes most of my day and sometimes it isn’t necessary. I’m not learning anything and the teacher thinks they’re being laid back, but they’re being hard on everyone. Distractions are terrible. Zoom is terrible. My grades are lower than normal because of unclear instruction.”

Although the first week was hard, online schooling can benefit us for now, since COVID cases are still high and there is still no vaccine.

West Orange High School Principal Mr. Moore and West Orange Superintendent Dr. Cascone, hope for students to return to school in person by the second week of November or possibly later in the year.

Though there are the upcoming plans for school, no one knows when we will go back to normal.