Things to Look out for- NJ Halloween 2020


Samantha Nunez, In our school/In our town editor

This year Halloween is going to be slightly different. Despite an ongoing pandemic, the state of New Jersey still has its plans to celebrate this Halloween on Oct. 31.

With flu season and cases of coronavirus increasing in some areas of the country, Governor Phil Murphy wants to make sure things are running smoothly and safely this year. 

Homeowners should be careful of how they hand out candy as Gov. Murphy thinks that “candy should be distributed in a way that kids can access it without having to touch multiple pieces.”

He joined forces with the Department of Health during late September and early October to enforce strict regulations to make sure trick-or-treaters stay safe.

These rules include: 

  • Trick-or-treaters/residents disturbing candy should be wearing their mask at all times
  • Haunted houses should sell tickets in advance
  • Wash your hands frequently (if you are handing out candy)
  • Trick-or-treaters should limit the number of people they travel with 
  • Make sure you social distance from other groups that are also trick-or-treating 

A list of rules can be found on New Jersey’s Department of Health website.

Though Gov. Murphy decided Halloween was safe to celebrate, towns like Glen Ridge, Plainfield, and Bound Brook have cancelled the holiday due to Halloween being a high exposure for coronavirus. Many other towns have restricted hours of trick-or-treating; others have had their traditional parades canceled. 

Wearing a mask is going to feel weird for New Jersey residents. However, this isn’t their first time they celebrated the holiday differently. Back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy struck, former Governor Chris Christie postponed the holiday for five days until things were settled in the state.

Gov. Murphy’s priority is making sure you take precautions in the next two weeks to ensure you are safe and can still enjoy your holiday. Happy Halloween!