Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Devin Wilkes, Copy Editor

Halloween: the one day of the year to dress up as whoever you want, hang out with your friends even if it’s a school night, and not feel guilty about eating countless pieces of candy. 

Though the holiday might look different this year, there are still ways you can safely make the most of it, whether it is by having a socially-distanced gathering at home, or virtually dressing up with friends. No matter if you want to keep it casual or go all out, the Pioneer has got you covered with some last-minute costume ideas that you can create using items from your closet!

  • Athlete/Sports Fan

One of the simpler ideas on the list, you can wear a jersey or any other merchandise from your favorite sports team. You can also use your uniform from a sport that you currently or used to play!

  • Cowboy/Cowgirl

Combine a pair of jeans/denim overalls with a plaid shirt and pair of boots. For your finishing touch, wear a cowboy hat and even carry a stuffed horse you may have at home!

  • Scarecrow

This is very similar to the cowboy costume. You can use makeup or face paint to give yourself a scarecrow look. For extra flair, add fake straw that you can buy from stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

  • Girl Scout/Boy Scout

If you are, or used to be, a Girl Scout or Boy Scout, wear your sash/uniform as a Halloween costume! You can even carry around a box of Girl Scout cookies or hold up the Scouts Honor sign with your fingers.

  • Toddler

If you’re feeling nostalgic this October 31 and miss the good old days of your childhood, you can dress up as a toddler! All you need is a onesie or child-like pajamas, and for accessories you can hold a “blankie”, a stuffed animal, or a juice box. If you have long hair, you can also wear it in two pigtails. 

  • “She Doesn’t Even Go Here” – Damian from Mean Girls

Inspired by one of most iconic moments from 2004 film Mean Girls, this Damian costume is creative, distinctive, and uncomplicated! All you need is a blue hoodie, sunglasses, and a sign that says, “She doesn’t even go here!”

  • Prom Queen/Prom King

Another simple and unique look, wear a formal dress or suit along with a sash and a crown. For emphasis, you can also hold a bouquet of flowers and make your own corsage. If you want to make this costume more Carrie-esque, put on fake blood and scary make-up- just make sure that you don’t mind getting it on your fancy attire!

  • Early 2000s

With Y2K fashion back in style, a look inspired by the trends of the 2000s is a fashionable way to do Halloween. Model your costume after stars of the 2000s like Paris Hilton and Justin Timberlake. Whether you decide to wear a cropped baby tee with low rise jeans or a velour tracksuit, be sure to include Y2K accessories and lip gloss. For a masculine look, you can wear items like a throwback jersey, a bucket hat, and oversized jeans.

  • Among Us

If you want a costume that accurately depicts 2020, dressing as an Among Us crewmate is the way to go! In case you don’t know that this latest video game craze is, it is a game in which you collaborate with other “crewmates” in figuring out which one of you is the Imposter. If you are the Imposter, you wreak havoc on fellow players by killing them. Not only is the costume for this game on trend, but it is also incredibly easy. All you need to do is wear a colored hoodie backwards and place a blue disposable mask on the hood where your eyes would be!

  • Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid 

As a generation that grew up reading the books and watching the film adaptations of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a costume inspired by Rodrick Heffley will definitely be recognizable among your friends! Just take a plain white t-shirt and trace the “Loded Diper” logo with a black marker. You can also wear black eyeliner and hold a pair of drumsticks to emphasize this iconic character.

  • Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin 

For fans of the unhinged and intriguing Netflix docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, these next two ideas are a perfect way to impress others this Halloween. To dress up as the ridiculous Joe Exotic, wear a sequined or plaid button-down shirt, a baseball cap, and a fake mustache. You can also buy a mullet wig to really get in character. For a Carol Baskin costume, dress in leopard print and wear a flower crown. For either costume, a stuffed tiger would top it off.