Positions Album Review


Samantha Nunez, In Our School / In Our Town Editor

Aesthetically pleasing can describe Ariana Grande’s sixth album, Positions. 

On October 17, Grande posted a clip on Instagram typing ‘positions,’ in slow motion. On October 23, the lead single was revealed to be Positions and was the name of the upcoming album. A week later, she dropped the album. The second single was, 34+35, which was released the same day as the album.

Both songs, Positions and a popular song on the album, POV (spelled in lowercase), have gained recognition on the popular app, Tiktok. 

She collaborated with Doja Cat, Ty Dolla $ign and The Weeknd, who was featured in the 2014 hit song “Love Me Harder,” on her second album My Everything.

This album is different from all the others since she incorporated more trap and pop elements into her songs, but making the album have a smooth R&B sound. Though this might be new for fans, Grande has stated multiple times, “I want to make an R&B album!” This album can be seen as the more mature one since she talks about intimacy, love, and growth. 

I rate this album a 9/10, since it’s something chill and you can feel relaxed when hearing the songs. My favorite songs off this album are positions, motive (with Doja Cat), just like magic, west side (which samples Aaliyah’s “One in a Million”) and safety net (featuring Ty Dolla $ign).