Sue Bird…THE Living Legend


Kiley Capstraw, In Our School/In Our Town Editor

Can you imagine being 40 years old, playing a full 48 minutes of professional basketball, and being the reason why your team wins a championship of a lifetime? Not to mention the fact that you probably could have retired years ago, but instead wanted to prove every hater wrong, AND use your platform for social change. Well, Sue Bird DID THAT! 

Let’s take a look at Bird’s resume: four WNBA Championships, four Olympic Gold Medals, two NCAA championships, four FIBA world cups, an 11 time WNBA All-star, and 8-time member of the All-WNBA team. Basically, no other female athlete can compete with the plethora of awards that Bird has won. 

Bird averaged 9.1 PPG, 1.7 RPG, 5.2 APG. The average person may look at those stats and say “that’s nothing compared to LeBron.” But, there is an even more impressive aspect of Bird’s game. She shot a 49.4 field goal percentage, and even better, she shot 49.6% from the three-point line! THAT IS UNHEARD OF! Basically, call her Su(e)perwoman!

Jenna Luthman

Let’s not forget that Bird and her fiance, U.S. Women’s national soccer team star midfielder Megan Rapinoe, have also made it their mission to fight for social change! They have been interviewed on several occasions, and they have both said the same thing… “we are not going to stop until we see a change in this country.” They have not only been advocates for LGBTQ rights, but also the BLM movement and have been heavily encouraging people to vote.