A ”Blunt” NJ


Jillian Russell, Features Editor

On November 3rd, 2020, the state of New Jersey approved the Marijuana Legalization Amendment. Question 1 on the ballot, for those who could vote, was regarding if marijuana should legislatively be referred to as a constitutional amendment. A “yes” was in favor of “the constitutional amendment to legalize the possession and use of marijuana for persons age 21 and older and legalize the cultivation, processing, and sale of retail marijuana.” This constitutional amendment was approved by 67.08%. Although already approved, it won’t be in full effect until January 1st, 2021.

“Let me be BLUNT: Legalizing marijuana is a matter of social justice, racial justice, and economic justice,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “I’m proud New Jersey is finally taking this step, and look forward to working with the Legislature to swiftly pass enabling legislation.”

Before marijuana can be available for purchase and use, legally, a number of things have to happen beforehand. State lawmakers must still pass a bill that will detail rules and regulations surrounding the industry of legal weed.  Dispensaries will have to go through a rigorous licensing process, and new growers will have to add to the state’s supply. This could be a while before anything actually happens- some are saying months or even more than a year. It took two years in Massachusetts and four years in Maine. Senator Nicholas Scutari has stated that he wants to move swiftly to pass legislation. 

“We’re anticipating moving very quickly with enabling legislation, which would in fact allow medical marijuana shops to sell to the general public immediately,” said Sen. Scutari. “We’re happy to invite New York residents over to enjoy.”