The Virtual Performers


Jillian Russell, Features Editor

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, live theatre has been put on hold. From Broadway to local performances, shows have been postponed, canceled, or moved to a virtual platform. As someone who is heavily involved with the theatre community and is continuing theatre in college, it’s been extremely hard. My sister, who is also involved with theatre, wanted to provide an outlet for performers. She talked me through this idea, and I joined the team, along with some of her college friends. With this, what started out as an idea, a company was formed. 

The Virtual Performers is a theatre company that is strictly virtually based. We believe in the power of connection and community. We wanted to create opportunities to showcase various talents, which is exactly what we are doing. For our first show, we are doing A Broadway Cabaret. In the beginning, we weren’t exactly sure how successful we would be, but in the end, we had 170+ submissions and accepted 82 people for just our first show!  Because of all the acceptances, we had to split A Broadway Cabaret into four shows, which will be viewed via Youtube Premiere. You can catch A Broadway Cabaret December 3rd-5th at 7 pm EST and December 6th at 6 pm EST. 

With this company being so new, we created a CustomInk Fundraiser. All proceeds from sales and donations will be going towards helping offset costs for future productions. We have already created a sweatshirt and crewneck with the cast list on the back! In the future our goal is to create official apparel!

As we are still in the midst of the pandemic, and even when the pandemic is over (fingers crossed), The Virtual Performers will still stand. We want to continue providing an outlet for all those involved with theatre. Whether you sing, dance, play musical instruments, act, write plays/songs, we have a place for you! Follow us as we continue on this journey and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. More opportunities to come!