Tyson and Jones put on a Show

Tyson and Jones put on a Show

Royson Folas, Managing Editor

On Nov. 28, boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr came out of retirement to partake in a thrilling boxing exhibition match. The event drew a remarkable 1.2 million pay per viewers, making it one of the most watched pay per view events in recent history. 

While Tyson and Jones are true icons of the sport, many would describe the best fight of the night to be that of Jake Paul and Nate Robinson. The YouTube star Paul leaving the three time NBA Dunk Contest Champion face down on the canvas combined with a comical Snoop Dogg commentary effort left the internet with a field day of memes, laughs, and entertainment. 

Jake Paul knocks out Nate Robinson in the second round of their exhibition match.

However we should not let the Paul vs. Robinson showdown distract us from the historic impact that the Tyson vs. Jones fight had. The two had a combined age of 105 years and still had the bravery to go into the ring, put on an entertaining fight, and showcase impressive numbers. Additionally, both fighters made it out without any health scares. Not to mention that Tyson vowed to donate 100% of his earnings from the fight to charity which could be near $10 million, according to reports.

What the two accomplished on the night was not only historic, but also inspiring. They defied the critics and embodied the idea of age just being a number.